2018 Out of This World
Costume Contest

1.      ENTRY – Entry into the costume contest does not have a cost, it is free and open to the public.


2.      ADVANCE REGISTRATION – There will be online registration for the costume contest. This will secure your spot as an entrant. Only the first 50 entrants will be accepted.


3.      JUDGING

·         Judging will take place on Friday at 8:30 pm for the Children’s Costume Contest, and at 9:30 pm for the Adult Costume Contest. All contestants are required to report to the contest table at the designated times.

·         Late contestants will be disqualified!

·         Judges are allowed to see (but not touch!) your costume from all angles.

·         This is exclusively a costume contest. Feel free to pose or yell your favorite tagline, but no presentations or skits etc. will be allowed.

·         Only contestants and judges will be allowed in the judging area, but the public is free to look on and take photographs while judging is taking place.


4.      CATEGORIES – Entries will be separated into two categories:

·         Individual– All single individuals. Multiple individuals wearing a single, large costume will be entered as an individual.

·         Group – Groups of individuals are encouraged to stick to a common theme (e.g. UFO, space-related theme) Groups will register for the contest under a single name.



·         All costumes must pertain in some way to the theme of UFO/Aliens.

·         No Star Wars themed costumes will be allowed.

·         Any individual can only enter the contest one time. An individual cannot enter as an individual AND as part of a group.

·         Entrants are allowed to have an assistant help with last-minute repairs and preparations before the costume contest. Costume contest judges will do their best to accommodate contestants who need extra time due to emergencies and malfunctions, but in the interest of fairness, we cannot guarantee that any extra time will be allotted.



·         No glitter, confetti, pyrotechnics, live flame, or smoke generators of any kind are allowed. Any costume that “makes a mess” will not be allowed.

·         Costumes and props must be worn and carried with no risk of injury to people or property.

·         Purchased, professionally made, or rented costumes are prohibited. Costumes consisting mostly or entirely of store bought items are also ineligible. 

·         The costume contest will be observed by people of all ages. Excessive blood or gore, overly sexual, or otherwise inappropriate costumes will be ineligible for entry, and you may be asked to leave. It should then go without saying: No Nudity! “No costume is no costume!”

·         PHOTOGRAPHY – Pictures will be taken during judging of all participants. These pictures will be used for record and judging purposes. By entering the costume contest, you are agreeing to allow your image to be used in future advertising efforts.

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