June 9th

Filipino Festival is proud to highlight and celebrate the beautiful diversity of the Philippines. In an effort to embrace all cultures residing in South Texas, the City of Edinburg promotes awareness and creates a path for mutual understanding and appreciation of heritage differences. The City of Eidnburg's Cultural Arts Division directs its effort to promote togetherness and create a higher level of congruity amongst residents of South Texas. This annual festival invites you to enjoy a glance at the culture of this enchanting island country in Southeast Asia. Join us at the Edinburg Municipal Courtyard as we gather for a night of food, dance, live music and art all attributing to the lovely country of the Philippines and celebrate it's Independence.  

Filipino Flyer.jpg



5-6 pm:                Games

6-7 pm:                 Free Food Tasting ( small plate of Lechon & Rice)

Emcees:                Darling, Aris or Tu, Nellie

8 - 8:30pm

                             Singing of Philippine National

                             Singing of U.S. National Anthem

                             Welcome Remarks: Marlene Balotro, President of A.N.A.K.

                             Welcome Address: Letty Leija,   
                             Director of Library & Cultural Arts

8:30 p.m.               Keynote Address by Honorable Mayor, Richard Molina

8:30-10 p.m.          Dance #1: Arnulfo Tatoy Foundation

                            Violin: Jan Paolo Yap

                            Dance #2: Karatong Subli

                            Dance #3: Mamang Sorbetero (?)

                            Song #1: Yumi Castor

                            Independence Day Message of
                            Philippine Honorary Consul Ethel Mercado

                           Reading of Independence Day Message of Los Angeles Philippine Consul                                                                General Adelio Angelito S. Cruz by Jhennifer R. Cleveland

                           Song #2: Matt Magto

                           Dance #4: Harlingen Group

                          Dance #5: Bulaklakan

                          Dance #6: Kuradang