October 26th  


The City of Edinburg is pleased to continue our annual celebratory homage to Dia de los Muertos this October. Generally celebrated at the beginning of November, we believe it is never too early to celebrate and recognize the importance of this special day. By presenting Los Muertos Bailan in the Rio Grande Valley, we provide an educational approach and opportunity for each of us to learn more about this fascinating tradition of Latin America.  Bring your friends and family as we spend the evening in a colorful tribute to our loved ones. Los Muertos Bailan festival will feature Artisans with authentic hand crafted work, themed artistic paintings, delicious food booths, live music, fun crafts, and the anticipated Catrin & Catrina costume contests and more!

More than a celebration of day of the dead, Los Muertos Bailan is a celebration of life! The annual Los Muertos Bailan festival is back and is the largest day of the dead festival is South Texas attracting over six thousand people for the festival.

The Festival will feature a Catrin & Catrina costume contests with adult & children categories, so get ready to participate and bring the family.  

There will be plenty of festival food and drinks available and about a hundred different exhibitors. Join us in celebrating life, culture, tradition, and heritage! To participate please visit our participate tab above or call us at 956-383-6246

We will see you at the Edinburg City Hall Courtyard, 415 W. University Dr. Edinburg, where culture thrives!

Call for Artists

Edinburg Arts invites artists to commemorate their favorite deceased artists, actors, poets, writers, or anyone of your choosing at the 2019 LOS MUERTOS BAILAN Festival. This is not just a celebration of Dia de Los Muertos but also a Celebration of Life.

All artists are encourage to market themselves and sell their work at the festival, all proceeds belong to the artist. Artwork must incorporate the theme of the festival to participate. 

Artist participation fee is $25 per space.  All Artists must turn in their TAX ID numbers and have their tax permits readily available at the festival.


Artisan Vendors offer personally crafted creations of all sorts, including but not limited to, skilled handmade goods, delicate fine art and custom-made instruments.

Vendors accepted to the LOS MUERTOS BAILAN Festival must have thematic merchandise. No resale items are allowed unless they are in line with the theme of the festival. All other merchants must be hand crafted goods that follow the theme of the festival or Mexican artisans, being that the festival is traditionally a Mexican holiday. 

Vendors in the categories of CRAFTER will have a participation fee of $35 per space. Vendors in the MERCHANT category will have a participation fee of $45 per space. 

Vendors in the categories of NON-PROFIT will have a participation fee of $100 per space. Vendors in the BUSINESS category will have a participation fee of $250 per space. 

All vendors must turn in their TAX ID numbers and have their permits readily available at the festival.

Food Vendors

As a Festival-participating Food Vendor, you will have the freedom of creating your unique food display and offering a one-of-a-kind menu for our community members to enjoy.

All Food vendors must have at least 1 Certified Food Handler and a Temporary Food Establishment Permit.

Food Vendors and or interested food vendors must fill out an application and be approved for the event. For more information or to fill out an application call 956-383-6246.



To participate at the festival, please visit the "Participate" tab at the top of the page to submit an application, sign up to volunteer, or to sign up for updates.

In addition to your respective participation fee, you may rent tables, chairs, and tents from us.
$5 per table
$5 per 2 Chairs
$15 per 10x10 tent. 

$20 for 3 live stage mentions throughout duration of festival.
       Get more people directed to your booth from
stage announcements. 

You can pick up your rented items at the Information Booth